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    battery systems for top global brands

    Battery Systems

    As one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of advanced battery systems of varying power and capacity, we have closely worked alongside our customers to ensure their products stand out in highly competitive markets.

    In such a competitive environment, we can help you demonstrate return on investment and get your products to market quickly thanks to our European presence, efficient supply chain and world-class manufacturing facility.

    Powering ahead

    You’ll have access to our cutting-edge technology and science, as we specialise in developing innovative researchable lithium-ion batteries that significantly improve power performance and enable products to perform better in every application, test and process worldwide.

    You will get our complex support throughout the project life cycle, from the design and prototype stage up to final serial assembly of the battery packs.

    We can help you:

    optimise your battery packs

    Optimise your battery packs with more efficient assembly processes at scale.

    complete battery system

    Design a complete battery system, ensuring high performance and quality.

    secure component sourcing

    Secure component sourcing for battery cells and other components.

    create in-house prototypes

    Create in-house prototypes at each stage of the project.

    complex laboratory testing

    Perform complex laboratory testing for maximum performance.

    cost-effective production lines

    Deliver cost-effective production lines and assembly processes for product industrialisation.

    Tackle the difficult chemistry challenges

    Tackle the difficult chemistry challenges throughout cell selection to best fit your application.

    Manufacturing capabilities

    At EMBS, we assemble several million battery packs per year, securing efficient and cost-effective production processes, our manufacturing and custom design capabilities go from as little as 1Wh right up to 3kWh.

    We can offer you volume build-to-print and custom development partner solutions for safe, reliable and efficient battery systems.

    Partnering with EMBS, you can leverage your project to ensure you scale up quickly to meet the demands of evolving markets by:

    • short processing times,
    • complete risk assessment,
    • automated in-house test equipment,
    • short-run to volume production processes,
    • flexibility to scale production and quick response to volume changes.

    Development process

    Our expertise and resources allow us to strategically consult, plan and execute each project to provide innovative, cost-efficient and tailored solutions.

    Our team is available to you at every phase of the product development process, providing technical support and guidance on the suitability and manufacturability of the battery system design.

    Consulting and planning

    Being an independent cell supplier, we’re able to tailor our chemistry to deliver the best cell type for your application. This allows us to achieve the best solution without compromising on quality or cost.

    We have access to a wide supplier base and have established strategic relationships with all major worldwide cell manufacturers.

    Cell selection

    Our engineering capabilities enable us to deliver highly representative functional prototypes for mechanical, plastic (SLS & FDM), metal and electronic components in a timely and effective manner.

    Our team is available to you at every phase of the product development process, providing technical support and guidance on the suitability and manufacturability of the battery system design.

    Our modern and well-equipped testing laboratory enables us to carry out periodic quality assurance testing for complex products, thus providing you a complete technical service.

    Our manufacturing capabilities include manual, semi-automated and automated production lines. Our high-volume production experience and flexible approach enable us to design cost-effective production lines for you.

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